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Example Print Out

The print out shows you the time each checkpoint has been visited.

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Cogard 1000 - Guard Tour Checkpoint Systems

Ensures security personnel actually do their required tour on time.

Employees record the time and date specific points are visited with a hand held data collector.

Package consists of a hand held data Collector, numbered wall points and a download station to produce the reports.


Product Features

Our unique Cogard system allows you monitor the time and dates that strategic points around your site(s) have been visited by security personnel.

Numbered wall points (up to 250) are attached at these points and when employees reach them, they simply hold their hand held data collector to the wall point and the number and time and date are logged automatically.

These wall points are proximity and non-contact, meaning the reader does not actually have to touch the wall point to read it. This means that the points can be situated outdoors and will operate in any weather.

The hand held reader is water-proof and impact resistant, to protect stored data. When convenient, it can then be downloaded to the base station and employee tour reports produced and the hand reader charged..


Pricing and Buy it Now

Cogard 1000 Standalone Package
Includes handheld data collector and base station to print reports and charge the unit, 5 check points & free delivery
Please contact us for availability
Additional Checkpoint Price £10
£12.00 incVAT
Box of 20 Paper Rolls for Cogard 1000 Price £25
£30.00 incVAT