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Your employees could be costing your business more than you think – those lost minutes soon add up!

Employees are the most valuable resource your company has, but can be one of the most costly if not managed effectively. Using time sheets or signing in books can be open to abuse. This table shows how much you could be losing at just 10 minutes per day per employee.

Annual Loss 10 Employees 50 Employees 100 Employees 500 Employees
£6.50 p/h £2,545 £12,728 £25,457 £127,291
£7.50 p/h £2,874 £14,360 £28,740 £143,700
£10.00 p/h £3,916 £19,580 £39,160 £195,800
£15.00 p/h £5,874 £29,370 £58,740 £293,700

All our clocking in machines, clocking systems and time & attendance solutions have been designed to help you monitor, manage and control your employees easily, whilst greatly reducing payroll administration time and costs.

Clocking In Machines From Only £99 (£118.80 incVAT)

Our range starts with Clocking in Machines where the employee has a cardboard clocking card that they insert into the clocking in machine when they arrive and leave work. A clear and accurate time is stamped on the card. At the end of the payroll period you can manually calculate the hours for payroll.

Our advanced calculating clocking in machines even add up the hours worked for you and print daily and payroll totals on the clock card, saving even more time.

These products also offer additional features such as fully automatic in and out clocking, to prevent over printing, and the facility to mark late clockings in red print. A output to ring an external sounder to signify start, stop and break times is also available.

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Self Installed Biometric and Swipe Systems From Only £295 (£354 incVAT)

Our Self Installed Swipe Systems are designed as the next step forward from our range of clocking in machines. They allow greater control over your workforce and all use time and attendance software to allow you monitor and report on your employees.

The user friendly software allows you to view and edit the clocking data on screen. You can then produce reports on your workforce for running payroll or even directly import the time and attendance data into your payroll system.

Your employees can clock in and out using either a proximity / swipe card or use the latest biometric technology to clock in with their finger or hand.

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Fully Installed Time and Attendance Solutions

When you want ultimate workforce management our Time and Attendance Solutions provide you everything you need to plan, monitor and report on your business most costly resource.

We provide a full on-site installation and training service to customise the solution to meet your individual needs. These solutions combine the ultimate in time and attendance with comprehensive HR functionality and advanced features such as Access Control, Web Access, Shift Rostering, Job Costing and Departmental Tracking.

We specialise in both single and multiple sites with multiple clocking terminals and full multi-user software, allowing your managers to view the information they require in real-time.

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Guard Tour Systems From £525 (£630 incVAT)

Do you know if your security personnel are completing all their tours and at the correct time? Our range of Guard Tour Systems remove any guess work and allow you to accurately monitor the times of tours and when key areas have been checked.

The systems work by fixing checkpoints to wall along the route, your security employees use a robust handheld data collector to tag these points when they are there on the tour. The data collector stores all this information until you require it.

When you want to view the data the stand-alone printer that produces a till roll style report of the times each checkpoint was recorded.

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Clocking Cards, Card Racks, Ribbons and Keys

We stock a huge range of accessories to suit most clocking machines and time clocks. Our range of time cards includes weekly cards, monthly cards, calculating cards, job cards, attendance cards, technician tickets and any other cards you can think of.

We provide the highest quality ribbons to fit a wide range of clocking machines and time clocks. No matter what the manufacture or age of your clocking in machine we are sure to have the right one for you.

The best way of keeping your clocking cards nice and neat is by using our plastic racks. Our plastic racks are unique as they can be customised to hold as few or as many cards as you require, simply add or remove extra slots as you need.

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