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Sales: 0113 258 7856

Remote Workforce

Our mobile clocking solutions allow employees to clock in while they are working remotely. GPS tracking allows you to stay in control of your employees time and attendance at all times

Stay in Control of Your Workforce Time and Attendance


Real-time view of who is clocked in.

Standard or flexible working times for each day of the week may be setup per employee or groups, with easy to follow setup wizards. setup per employee or groups, with easy to follow setup wizards.

Advanced shift planning for employees and roster vs actual display.

Graphical booking and recording of holidays, sickness and user customised leave types.

Export comprehensive reports to payroll packages such as Sage and spreadsheets such as Excel.

1 Year Support

Software and hardware support included for the first year after purchase

5000+ Customers

We have over 40 years experience with happy customers

Stress Free Payroll

We know Payroll and can help tailor products that fit your needs

Export Directly to Sage

All of our Software integrates seamlessly with Sage pay

Trusted by over 5000 satisfied UK users

"When I arrived in the department, I could see that the process of preparing the payroll was extremely time consuming and inefficient and paper based. There was a quadruple handling of data in the chain, from employees filling in their time sheets, to supervisors checking them, passing them through to clerical staff to type on to spread sheets and finally on to the payroll department to type into payroll."

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