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Facial recognition clocking in terminals stop employees clocking in/out for each other. Non-contact, fast and ultra reliable.

CS Time - Powerful Time & Attendance

The CS Time solution has been developed to give you complete control of all aspects of your employees’ time & attendance and human resources providing comprehensive management information on your business’ most costly resource. CS Time is not just a clocking in system, but a powerful management tool which will significantly reduce payroll time and costs while providing valuable human resources information at your fingertips.

Will calculate employees hours and ovetime, manage rotas and highlight lateness, early exits, absence and other infringements.
Keep track of holidays, sickness and other user definable leave types.
Manage your HR recording and reporting including automatic emails.
Provide a real-time roll call report for the employees currently on site.
Export authorised timesheets into payroll packages eliminating manual re-keying.


Cloud Based or Installed On Your Network

Whichever option suits your business, CS Time caters for single site clients with 15 employees through to multi branch blue chips with thousands of employees. We provide a tailored solution for each client, complete with nationwide installation, configuration and extensive training packages to meet your specific demands from the product... All backed up with first class after sales care.



Easy to Use Yet Powerful
Time & Attendance Software

CS Time has been designed to easily handle virtually any type of working patterns, even extremely complex shifts and pay rules over weekly, fortnightly and monthly periods. Flexi-time is also catered for with employees being able to view their balances, request leave etc using their web browser.

View and edit employees’ clocking times, hours and overtime on screen for your whole company, by branch / cost centre / department or a single employee.

Graphical shift planning allows the creation of dynamic and changeable working patterns, with actual versus planned clockings and hours comparisons.

On-screen highlighting of anomalies such as absence, lateness, missed breaks, early departure plus analysis reporting to identify repeat offenders.

Graphical leave and absence planners with group or single employee views and user defined absence types.


Clear & Concise Reporting

The CS Time software contains a suite of over one hundred reports and a report writer allowing you to extract the data you require, such as clockings & hours, leave, anomalies, warnings and HR records in both detailed and summary reports.

Automatic Reporting

Reports can also be scheduled to run at specific times so you can have last week’s timesheets arrive in your inbox first thing on a Monday morning, perhaps a list of who hasn’t arrived for their shift yet or a holiday balance for each employee in your department.

HR Management

This module is largely user-definable as every type of business has their own unique information they need to record. But it has some core areas already set including, full contact details, next of kin, training, disciplinary letters, documents, certificates, employment history, equipment issued, qualifications, skill sets and much more. Reminders of reviews, actions or expiry of training and the like, can automatically be emailed to relevant managers in advance.








Facial Recognition

Hygienic, non-contact facial recognition system recognises employees in less than a second... Simply look and go.
Latest generation 3D biometric face recognition algorithm provides unsurpassed reliability and completely eliminates attendance fraud.

Accurate and Ultra Reliable Biometric
Clocking Terminals

We also offer other clocking options including proximity card / fob and clocking in through the web.

Web Module

The CS Time Web Module is an ideal add-on for remote / field workers allowing them to clock when they start and finish work via a web browser on a computer, tablet or smart phone. The web module allows employees read-only access to view their clocking in times, timesheets or flexi-time balances.

Employees can also request holidays and leave via the Web Module, this in turn automatically sends an email to the employees supervisor who can then approve or decline the leave booking. An email is then sent back to the employee to confirm the decision along with any comment the supervisor has added.

Real-Time Roll Call Display

The Real-Time Roll Call Display is an additional module which can be installed separately from the CS Time Software, it allows you to quickly see who is on site and what time they arrived. It will also display employees who are currently off site and those who are on leave along with the reason. It is ideal for receptionists or managers who need to know who is on site.


What CS Time Users Say...

Q. Why did you choose Clocking Systems?

I had been investigating time and attendance systems on and off for about 3 years. During this time I had looked at many products on the market, but nothing ticked all the boxes in terms of price, functionality, flexibility and ease of use. We had some quite specific requirements that had to be met. Clocking Systems were asked to look at our needs and were extremely confident that they could provide exactly what we needed, without it costing a fortune.

Q. What benefits has the solution offered your business?

The solution we now have in place runs on our store EPOS terminals and has been trimmed down to exactly the features our managers need and use. They can easily monitor employees’ hours, attendance, lateness, absence, holidays, sickness trends, leave and employee rosters can also be managed extremely easily.


Q. What benefits has the solution offered your business?

There have been countless benefits of having the system over the last few years, which have far exceeded our initial requirements or expectations. It has been transformative in how we are able to manage our ever growing and dynamic workforce. We now have an extremely efficient payroll process as the software automatically calculates the actual hours to be paid for each employee against their often complex working patterns. We are able to monitor employees in real-time, including exception reports which are automatically emailed to department heads on a daily basis.

Q. What about the after sales service and support?

There have been instances when I have used the online support provided through the excellent ticketing system CS provide.  More often than not, one of the engineers would dial in to my PC and make changes for me to sort small problems, or show me how to make changes to the system to get more from it.  With almost constant support at times from the support team I have been assisted with, and now trained to write macros that take the package from being an excellent time and clocking tool to an awesome part of our payroll and  management  reporting.


Q. Why were you looking for a time and attendance system?

When I arrived in the department, I could see that the process of preparing the payroll was extremely time consuming and inefficient and paper based. There was a quadruple handling of data in the chain, from employees filling in their time sheets, to supervisors checking them, passing them through to clerical staff to type on to spread sheets and finally on to the payroll department to type into payroll.

Q. What benefits has the solution offered your business?

Since installing the system, we have realised many benefits. In fact, more than originally anticipated. Firstly, the manual work involved in the payroll process has been all but eliminated; we are saving 5 managers one day per week each. This is allowing them to get on with more important work than number crunching, and increases overall efficiency within the department.


With over 5000 satisfied UK users of CS Time we would love to show you the benefits of our solution, if you would like further information or a demonstration please contact us on 0113 258 7856.