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Industrious People - Case Study

Industrious People - Case Study

Industrious People choose CS Time from Clocking Systems  

Why were you looking for a time and attendance system?  

As a recruitment company specialising in supplying a temporary workforce to our clients, we found that our traditional clock cards were proving costly as they had to be calculated manually and we had no clear record of who was on-site at a given time. We needed a solution that would automate the clocking in process and reduce the administration time that was burdening the contract teams, as well as allowing us to see who was on-site at a given time for fire roll call. 

Why did you choose Clocking Systems to supply the system? 

The package we needed was never going to be an off the shelf one, we needed a company who could come up with solutions to compliment our needs and those of our clients combined. In addition to this we were looking for many bespoke reports and features. Clocking Systems were honest in the systems abilities and spent time to understand the complexity of managing large numbers of people, showing us various possible scenarios until we felt confident; there was no hard sell, it was a project in partnership to best effect.

What benefits has the solution offered your business?  

Since installing the Clocking Systems time and attendance solution we have saved one employee, 3 days work per week processing the wages; adding up clock cards, collating and storing clock cards and issuing new cards. What used to take 3 days to run payroll can now be completed in less than 4 hours.  

We use the system at our largest contract and it now accommodates over 4000 employees. We often receive queries or information requests from our client, the intuitive software makes it easy to pull out past invoices and answer any payment queries quickly and easily at the touch of a button.  

The biometric terminals supply us with unarguable time and attendance data; we know that employees are not clocking in and out for each other, something we experienced when using clock cards. We can generate a list of the employees who are currently on-site and know that it will be correct.  

What about the after sales service and support?  

We found the Clocking Systems aftercare service was second to none with support available in times of crisis, when we first implemented with the system the support staff were really helpful in explaining any queries we had and providing extra tips to help us get the most out of the system.  

Tracy Charles - Industrious People  

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