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Robust Cloud-Based Workforce Management Software

Experience Optimal Payroll Efficiency and HR Insights with UK's Leading Cloud-Based Software, Accessible on Any Device
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CS Time attendance Enterprise software with facial recognition
enterprise attendance software with facial recognition

CS Time: Advanced Biometric Facial Recognition with Software for Enterprise Solutions

Master Complex Shift Patterns and Bespoke Workforce Needs for Large Companies
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Time & Attendance Software Solutions for UK Companies

  • Quick installation
  • No training required
  • Save on Payroll costs
  • Accessible on Any Device
  • Seamless Sage Pay Integration
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  • NHS - Case Study - ClockingSystems

    NHS - Case Study

    NHS is a comprehensive public-health service of the UK Industry: Healthcare Q. Why were you looking for a time and attendance system? When I arrived in the department, I could see that the process of preparing the payroll was extremely time consuming...

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  • WHSmith - Case Study - ClockingSystems

    WHSmith - Case Study

    WHSmith is a leading global retailer for news, books and convenience, and is made up of two core businesses – Travel and High Street Industry: Retail Q. Why did you choose Clocking Systems? I had been investigating time and attendance systems...

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  • Novatech - Case Study - ClockingSystems

    Novatech - Case Study

    Novatech is one of the largest retailers of computer products in the UK Industry: Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing   Q. What benefits has the solution offered your business? There have been countless benefits of having the system over the...

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time and attendance time clocks to punch in for work using a time card. Showing Clocking Systems different basic clock options CS-30, TP100, TP200, TP300, TP400

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