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WH Smith - Case Study

WH Smith - Case Study

WH Smith choose CS Time Solution from Clocking Systems  

Why were you looking for a time and attendance system?  

We did have a time and attendance system in place for many years, but it ran on a stand alone PC and used swipe cards for employees to clock in with which could be forgotten or lost. Our business needs had moved on and we needed a more capable solution. 

Why did you choose Clocking Systems to supply the system?   

I had been investigating time and attendance systems on and off for about 3 years. During this time I had looked at many products on the market, but nothing ticked all the boxes in terms of price, functionality, flexibility and ease of use. We had some quite specific requirements that had to be met. Clocking Systems were asked to look at our needs and were extremely confident that they could provide exactly what we needed, without it costing a fortune. The solution offered us an extremely reliable, biometric clocking terminal, combined with extremely powerful and intuitive software that could be tailored to our needs exactly. In effect we could have a tailored solution for off the shelf money!  

In addition, they were so confident in their product that they offered to set up a trial at 2 of our larger, more challenging sites for a couple of months to prove the solution. We worked together closely during this period and the trial proved hugely successful and the roll out was approved. We have achieved our business objectives for the system well within 12 months.  

What benefits has the solution offered your business?  

The solution we now have in place runs on our store EPOS terminals and has been trimmed down to exactly the features our managers need and use. They can easily monitor employees’ hours, attendance, lateness, absence, holidays, sickness trends, leave and employee rosters can also be managed extremely easily.  

What about the after sales service and support?  

This has been first class! Especially the training at each of the sites with the

individual managers, this was extremely thorough and an easy  user guide was written relating to our exact specification for our managers to refer to. The help desk staff are helpful and friendly and above all extremely knowledgeable. We did have a hardware fault at one of our sites in the afternoon and they resolved this the next day.

Shaun Crack – WH Smith

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