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Novatech - Case Study - ClockingSystems

Novatech - Case Study

Novatech is one of the largest retailers of computer products in the UK

Industry: Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing


Q. What benefits has the solution offered your business?

There have been countless benefits of having the system over the last few years, which have far exceeded our initial requirements or expectations. It has been transformative in how we are able to manage our ever growing and dynamic workforce. We now have an extremely efficient payroll process as the software automatically calculates the actual hours to be paid for each employee against their often complex working patterns. We are able to monitor employees in real-time, including exception reports which are automatically emailed to department heads on a daily basis.

Q. What about the after sales service and support?

There have been instances when I have used the online support provided through the excellent ticketing system CS provide.  More often than not, one of the engineers would dial in to my PC and make changes for me to sort small problems, or show me how to make changes to the system to get more from it.  With almost constant support at times from the support team I have been assisted with, and now trained to write macros that take the package from being an excellent time and clocking tool to an awesome part of our payroll and  management  reporting.

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